Sunday, February 19, 2012

Master suite Steam Shower Installation

Steam shower framing

The framed shower enclosure has a barrel ceiling so water will tend to roll off to the sided of the shower.

We later installed recessed lighting in the barrel ceiling frame.

 Cement board taped and ready for water proofing.
we installed shampoo shelves at this point.

 The client wanted a Japanese soaking tub in the steam area.

Steam shower water proofing

The cement is porous so a red colored waterproofing is applied over all wall surfaces just for extra protection.

The finished shower has a frame-less glass enclosure.
A Japanese tub in the shower lets the bather enjoy the steam.
You can see the steam outlet low on the wall under the valve.  

The finished steam shower complete with Japanese Soaking Tub and adjustable shower head and frame-less glass enclosure.  Notice the granite used on the seat and tub platform.


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  2. This looks fabulous. About how much space did the installation take up (depth and width)?