Thursday, February 23, 2012

Before and After Arrow Addition

Dutch Gable roof on the new Prairie Style Addition


Entry vestibule with commercial glass

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Four foof eaves with vinyl

Dutch Gable roof with 4 foot eaves

Four foot wide eaves work great with the scale of the house.
This view of the back shows the 10x10 deck off the second floor master bedroom that faces the river. 

Vinyl Eaves with ventilation

Vinyl soffit material running parallel to the house mimics bead boarding.
Small holes in the grooves allow air to circulate in the attic.

Master suite Steam Shower Installation

Steam shower framing

The framed shower enclosure has a barrel ceiling so water will tend to roll off to the sided of the shower.

We later installed recessed lighting in the barrel ceiling frame.

 Cement board taped and ready for water proofing.
we installed shampoo shelves at this point.

 The client wanted a Japanese soaking tub in the steam area.

Steam shower water proofing

The cement is porous so a red colored waterproofing is applied over all wall surfaces just for extra protection.

The finished shower has a frame-less glass enclosure.
A Japanese tub in the shower lets the bather enjoy the steam.
You can see the steam outlet low on the wall under the valve.  

The finished steam shower complete with Japanese Soaking Tub and adjustable shower head and frame-less glass enclosure.  Notice the granite used on the seat and tub platform.

New front entry with commercial glass

You can see the salvaged brick columns made from the old planter boxes that once sat in front of the door.

The entry acts a vestibule for the house.  The owners request that shoes be removed and slippers put on as in Japan.
We used commercial glass and frame to wrap the glass around the corner.

The posts support the fire beams and TG roofing.

Framing the addition

 You can see the existing part of the house with the windows still in.  We will remove the brick planters and reuse the brick for columns on the front.

We designed the house with a hip roof but modified it to a dutch hip roof when the owner wanted the option of adding solar panels to the south roof line.
This gave more area to place the panels.

Radiant Heated Slab and Second Floor

Grooves for the Radiant heated Bamboo floor

 Routed curves in 3/4 ply were applied with plywood strips to route the 5/8 Pex tubing used for the radiant heat system in the upstairs master suite.

Aluminum fins to transfer the radiant heat

  Aluminum heat transfer plates were added then the Pex tubing snapped in the groves.

The spaces are for cabinets in the master suite kitchenette.  

A floor of snap lock engineered bamboo floated over the entire second floor softly heated by the four zone radiant heat system.

In the downstairs office, the first thing was to remove the old thin slab of concrete that part of the old office area.
Insulated Radiant Heated Concrete Slab on Grade.

 We created a concrete floor for the new larger office.  We installed 2" foam insulation and reinforcement.

The Pex Tubing was wired to the grid so the floors would be heated with the radiant heat system.
 Finishing the job takes some man power.

Demo of the Back Yard Office

The Back yard looked into a small patio and office area.

The front of the house before construction begins.

 A single level floor plan will be transformed into a two story home with the upper floor becoming a master suite complete with living room, library, kitchen and steam shower in the master bath.